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Gambling for money and valuables has existed around the world and in many different cultures for a long time. Europe also has a long casino history, including legendary casinos such as The Casino de Monte Carlo. It is therefore unsurprising that today we find plenty of European casinos on the Internet, often based in Gibraltar, Malta, the Isle of Man and similar parts of Europe that have made a name for themselves for their legal and regulated gambling market where the state does not have a gambling monopoly but awards licences to reputable private operators who undertake to abide by the country’s rules.

In recent years, more and more European states have been inspired by these pioneering countries and, instead of completely banning gambling or trying to maintain a state gambling monopoly, have chosen to introduce licensing systems where the state is able to regulate gambling, audit gambling companies and collect taxes to fund public interest purposes. At the same time, in the United States, we have seen legislators moving in the opposite direction, including through the tightening of rules against online poker.

Advantages of playing at European online casinos

As a Swede, there are several advantages to choosing European casinos over casinos from other parts of the world. As Sweden is part of the EU, winnings from casinos with a gaming license from any EU country are tax-free for Swedish players. Please note that this only applies to EU countries, not all European countries.

Another advantage of playing in European casinos is that they often offer games in euros and other European currencies, such as British pounds and Swedish kronor. The ability to play in your own currency is particularly important nowadays as the US dollar, which used to be by far the most common currency in online casinos, has fallen so dramatically against most European currencies. It’s no fun having a casino account in US dollars and having to wait for the dollar to go up again to be able to withdraw money in your own currency without losing a lot on the transaction. A euro casino, or a casino that offers you to have your money in Swedish kronor, means that you don’t have to worry about that.

A Euro casino often offers support in a wide range of European languages. For example, there are several casinos that cater to the Northern European market and offer both games and customer service in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. However, it is important to bear in mind that customer service varies greatly between the different operators and care should be taken when choosing your euro casino. For example, Swedish casino sites tend to offer Swedish-speaking support around the clock, while other euro casinos may have a different focus and limit Nordic support to certain parts of the day.

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